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The Law Faculty offers five types of postgraduate degrees. Candidates wishing to register for a Masters degree have the choice of:

Candidates wanting to register for a doctoral degree have the choice of:

All doctoral degrees are administered partly by the Law Faculty and partly by the University's Doctoral Degrees Board. The latter body has final say in deciding whether to register candidates and what result is to be awarded for the examination.

Although originality in postgraduate research is always desirable, it is not an exclusive requirement (especially for a Masters degree). Instead, a thesis should constitute a significant advance in knowledge on the subject, of such a standard that publication in a reputable journal would be justified.

Candidates must therefore show that they have:

LLM/MPhil thesis

An LLM or MPhil dissertation may be either a single treatise on a 'subject of legal interest' or 'a series of four separate treatises on cognate areas of the law'. All of these should be of sufficient quality to be published in a reputable law journal. Whichever form is chosen, the final text must not exceed 40 000 words in length.

Doctoral thesis

A doctoral thesis, on the other hand, must always be a single treatise. It may not exceed 80 000 words in length, unless permission is given by the Dean, in consultation with the supervisor.